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Meet The Team


Meghan O'Malley

Director of Imagination

When Meghan left her life as a licensed psychotherapist to step into the wide open, creative realm of coaching, she set the tone for what her life could be.  She has been living out of the box, guided by intuition and CREATING a life of real deal lived magic ever since. . .  and of course, has been supporting others in doing the very same thing!   

Favorite sweet treat:

Salted caramel . . .anything


Favorite Color: sparkle

Favorite Hobby: Dance parties…especially if it involves wearing fake eyelashes and fancy dresses.

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Meghan HERE

Hannah Kitt Carol Spags Photography 7.heic

Hannah Kitt

Golden Ticket Coordinator

Hannah Kitt is a closet entrepreneur.  Although she is the CEO of Keller Williams professionals, she is also the Co-Founder of Power of Women World, a women’s collective created to bring female business owners and visionaries together to grow personally through inspiring each other.  Once Hannah met Meghan and Laura, she knew she wanted to bring more ease, pleasure, joy and abundance to more women, and the candy shop was born.  

Favorite Sweet treat:   vanilla sheet cake with vanilla icing & ALL THE SPRINKLES

Favorite secret skill:  birthing unicorns.  Literally, 2 daughters born 2 years apart on 11/11

Favorite Song:  Never Gonna Not dance again by pink, because...of course!


Laura Cardwell

Chief Candy Maker

There are not many professions that Laura hasn't dabbled in; creative writing, photography, art jewelry, and eventually, after many, many, many...many trainings, and much resistance, she has settled as a reclaimed "good witch".  which means she combines the gifts of her deep knowledge with cutting edge scientific discoveries to help people live a life of alignment, Joy and Abundance.  


Favorite Sweet treat:   Carrot cake (but only the perfect slice...)

Favorite Pastime:  Dollywood (who doesn't love dolly?!...and rollercoaster hair!)

Favorite Sound:  giggles


Laura HERE

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it

Want to change the (your) world, there's nothing to it. 

~Willy Wonka

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